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As industry leaders in golf club customisation, with our bespoke technology and over thirty years of knowledge in engineering, craftsmanship and graphic design expertise, our services include etching, micro-engraving, hand engraving, micro-painting, custom finishes and metal inlays such as brass, aluminium, stainless steel, silver, gold and crystals. Our unique Snapshot service allows the possibility to apply a photograph to the finish of the golf club, taking customisation to a whole new level.


     We customise 1000's of golf clubs a year and bolster sales through corporate, limited edition runs and promotions for customers all over the world. Whether you require customised golf clubs to highlight a special golf event or you would like unique products to retail, we along with our manufacturing partners are here to help.



See your brand come to life like never before.

Our proprietary techniques and years of experience allow us to create truly breathtaking customizations.

Ideal for golf days, corporate giveaways, club tournaments and so much more.

Custom Cobra Golf Alchemy Whirlpool
Callaway Golf Alchemy twilight wedge
Callaway Golf Alchemy BMW
Cobra Golf Alchemy Arsenal wedges
Callaway Golf Alchemy custom wedges
Golf Alchemy lord of the rings wedge
Cleveland Golf Alchemy Pudsey wedge
Callaway Alan Shearer Golf Alchemy wedges
Golf Alchemy Star Wars wedge
Cleveland CG Golf Alchemy wedges
Callaway South Africa Golf Alchemy
Callaway Golf Alchemy lorenzo wedges
Golf alchemy Rolls Royce wedge
Cleveland Golf Alchemy Soren wedge
Callaway Golf Alchemy Nailed wedge
Cleveland Golf Alchemy lisboa wedges
Golf Alchemy Beatles / Bob Dylan
Golf Alchemy Las Vegas wedges
cleveland golf alchemy custom wedges
Our work


We are a family run company that has gained a reputation for being innovative and offering unique services. Originally specialising in golf club restoration, we soon became the leader in this field with our unique methods and decades of experience with working with metal. 

As demand for customisation grew our expertise turned to offering and perfecting better custom options years ahead of any other company. Whilst some companies try to replicate what we do, it's our knowledge in manufacturing, experience and technology that sets us apart. This is why our services are used by the worlds largest golf companies, our customers are PGA professionals and celebrities and we continue to be the first choice for golf club customisation.



Contact us to discuss what we can do to show off your brand like never before.

The Golf Centre

Brickyard Lane



B80 7EE

Tel: 01527 857 129



Weekdays: 11am - 6pm

​​Weekends: 11am - 5pm

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